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1 year ago
Whoevers reading this, please stop watching porn
I didn't understand it at first either but porn will get you addicted and destroy your relationships, career, personality, you, ect
There's nothing good about porn
You may be addicted even without knowledge of it. Try to go a week or month without it. Watch, the temptation comes back
I finally decided to quit porn. I've made alot of attempts and so far went 90 something hours without it at the most.
1 year ago
I love my brother in laws cock deep inside me!! What makes it even better that it’s our little secret!
Candy cook. 1 year ago
I just ◀️ be when Gary tucks me ,his wife Amanda don't even know at all he times we have fucked
Amley 1 year ago
Wo Nick is good
Hateful believer 1 year ago
I am sick and tired of all this sh#t. Porn is fucking horrible, I have tried to stop. And I did for a couple years but I got depressed and watched it again. I hate it, I absolutely hate it. I just want to be happy with my girl. Now I am paranoid that she will do this. I hate it, I hate it. Hate on me all you like, it does not matter. Nothing matters in the long run.
Laura 1 year ago
Que rico le mama el culo
Honduras 1 year ago
Los que piensan que es falso
Vinícius 1 year ago
O marido da irmã da minha namorada já andou passando a mão na minha namorada antes de eu conhecer ela, ele era louco pra comer ela, mais ai chegamos a brigar quando eu a conheci.. porém hoje morro de vontade de ver ele fodendo a bucetinha dela
JOSEP 1 year ago
La esposa infiel , pone los cuernos con su cuñado hosea hermano de su marido cornudo .Todo queda en familia , que esposa mas puta y guarra .
Teke 1 year ago
Mi compa coje a mi vieja en la cocina piensan q no los veo pero yo m hago m vieja ofelia kiere gritar pero se aguanta