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Bro 2 years ago
Bitch didn't even put no salt in the eggs wtf
BRUH 2 years ago
No salt, no pepper...not even hot sauce on the side. Fuck and chuck this one.
Roma 2 years ago
Have a link full movie??
2 years ago
the fucking worst eggs i ever seen no salt no pepper bitch dont know how to act i can fucking hear her say in her head "when will we start the banging goddamn it"
Krystal 2 years ago
Is that Isaiah Maxwell?
Gordon Ramsey 1 year ago
Holy fuck those are the worst eggs I ever seen you fuckin donkey
Unknown 1 year ago
What a slut for all u cheating whores
Zkiim 2 years ago
I love this bitch fuck
1 year ago
called divorce and take evertything
2 years ago
that is some real fucking